About Us
Our philosophy is to deliver creative and unique works to customer.

I have been doing photography since I discovered my passion, I was only 14 years old at the time, with this desire in me I started the camera club at school and built a darkroom under the stage. I then decided to study for a diploma in photography at the PE Tecknicon. I then moved to England where I studied for a year at the London Collage of Photography and printing, I then returned to Cape Town and assisted local and international photographs for 10 years, During which time I built my first studio and started a very successful Photographic Equipment Rental business in Cape Town under the name of Studio-One. I then launched the largest photographic studio space in Cape Town where I got very involved in Advertising and Fashion photographer for many years, but my real love is in portrait, art and documentary photography.

I branched out to start a film and photography Production company called "One Productions" which was very successful doing a variety of shoots all over Africa, ranging from Namibia to Nigeria, Kenya to Mozambique and in the greater South African area. I gave up the Studio and Equipment rental businesses in 2006 to join forces with a German production company from Cologne called "Fly and Friends' doing jobs for mostly German client till 2010 .

After 20 years working in the city I decided to move out to Barrydale, a delightful town in the country only 250 km from Cape Town where I have decided to go back to doing old school Black & Photography and printing that I loved doing 20 years ago when you still needed to understand the true art and passion of photography, and now I wish to share my extensive knowledge and passion with other like minded photographers who would like to be creative in the traditional essence of true photography. So with this I ask other photographers to come share my passion and knowledge, I have Built another Studio "The Studio Barn" and a darkroom to facilitate workshops in Black & White Photography and Printing.