The Analog Photography Festival from the 11-19 Dec 2020 is about celebrating the Art of Analog photography and the
photographers that have recorded our wonderful country and the struggles of the past on Anlog photographs.
The older generation photographers still value of Fiberbace handprints whereas the younger hipsters dont print their images
but just have their films processed and scanned displayed on social medial,I am hoping that the
Analog Photography Festival will help bring light to the craft of Analog photography as an Art form and celebrate the
importance of the process and the quality and value of a hand-printed photographs.

The Idea came about during a conversation with Johan Wilke a fellow documentary photographer and good friend in December last year when we decided it would be a great idea to have a group exhibition to showcase our Analog photography together, Unfortunately Johan Died 3 months ago and I have decided to do a retrospective exhibition of his work with mine and so the Analog photography Festival came to life. Subsequently, I have organized to with some of South Africa’s top photographers to dig out there hand-printed work from many years ago and exhibit them at the Festival that will be held at the Karoo Art Hotel in Barrydale. Roger Ballen has come on board with work from his Dorps and Platteland exhibitions and The David Goldblad foundation who shall provide us with images from his work with the mineworkers and the struggle years during Apartheid. Obie Oberholzer is digging out some of his original hand-printed color work from the 80’s and Fanis Jason some of the images from his press work in the 60’s , There are many more photographers that have shown interested but not committed as yet so will not mention to many names until they have been secured for the festival.

Myself Graham Abbott am a wetplate photographer as well as a B+W documentary photographer and will be printing a selection of my Decisive moment images taken on 35mm film over the last 35 years to go with the decisive moment images of Johan Wilke and they will be Displayed in the old Movie house the Balanti on the grounds of the hotel. The Hand print in my mind is the culmination of a string of very mindful experience that celebrates the Art of photography and this has this magic has the chance of getting lost in time if not celebrated and explained to the next generation of Photographers, There shall be workshops and documentary films on famous photographers shown during the events every evening as well as theatre productions and slide show installations happening during the 10 days of the festival . The highlight will be Janus Boshof from the Alternative print Workshop in JHB doing a Wetplate photography workshop for two days on the 17-18 Dec and there are still openings if anyone is interested. Some of the other workshops will be a Nude photo workshop by myself and Anton Robert in the Tradouw Pas and two Cyanotype alternative print workshop by Inga Prince and Anita Van Zyl for kids and adults The Festival opens on the 11th of Dec at 9 pm with a performance by David Muller of Herman Charles Bosman stories its a one man show with an hour of Q&A on the life and times of this great writer afterwords in the hotels lounge.

The Exhibition will end with a Photographic Auction on the evening of the 18th Dec with images that we hope some of our photographers will donate to us to raise money for our Photo Voice Project to cover the costs of teaching 5 local youth to become professional photographers ,The Photo voice project will teach youth to shoot with 35 mm cameras, develop and print there own exhibition images to raise awareness of the issues they face in there lives. They are surrounded buy drugs and alcohol and no chance of finding work in this community, The project will be hosted by The Studio Barn and Graham Abbott who would like to pass on his knowledge and experience to help the youth progress to digital photography and post-production, web and graphic design with the end goal of giving them the opportunity to work as professional photographers in the community and further afield, I think the only way to keep interested in the process of Analog from the lighting, exposure, processing and printing standpoints we need to showcase the work that has been done painstakingly on photographic paper from a negative by the masters to help inspire the next generation of youth and help them to understand the difference of an Analog image and digital image with an emphasis on taking the time to craft a great image and not just be a shooter on digital.

I am blessed to have found many other like-minded photographers that feel that this is important and that celebrating the hand-printed image should have a special place in the world of art in this area of digital everything. otherwise we risk of the the lines being blurred and the value of great Analog photography will not be appreciated and disappear into the multitude of digital noise that is being churned out in this digital world. There will be other events happening over the period of the festival including The Barrydale Art Meander BAM, whitch is run by the Magpie Art Collective ,BAM will showcase all the other artists work in Barrydale starting on the 16th till the 20th Dec.

There is and online map to all the open house exhibitions by our local artists starting with the lighting of the Xmas tree on the 16th and daily parades of puppets in the streets by the local youth upliftment project "Net Vir Pret" please visit the link below for more info. We would like to invite anyone that would like to exhibit there analog photography or 35mm slides or any other installation that celebrates the Analog process from Wetplate photography to multimedia slide projections to contact Graham Abbott ASAP at 0846635990. If you would like to host a workshop of do a talk on photography please let us know so that we can put you on the program,This festival has no sponsor and does not cost to join ,its about celebrating the Analog Process ,you are welcome to sell your work at the festival or just display them, If you do make a sale we would welcome a donation to the Photo voice project and if you would like to donate an image for the Auction on the 18th Dec at the Hotel, it will be appreciated and you will be receiving an image of your choice from the photo voice exhibition,You are also welcome to swop you images with other photographers after the event and if you have books or copies of your analog images that you would like to sell during the event we shall have a shop set up for the sale of old cameras and photographic memorabilia at the hotel.

Please feel free to call or whatsapp me at any time for more information and if you would like to join a workshop or display your work, Pieter Badenhorst at Photo Hire in Cape Town has offered that your artworks can be delivered to the shop at 47 De Villiers St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, contact Pieter or Lauren on 021 462 6933 Your images will be documented and safely transported to the Exhibition venue and delivered back during the weekend after the exhibition , if you would like to leave your works on display till the end of December and have them for sale please let us know with a reserve price on them with your contact details , If a sale is made we shall have the buyer contact you directly. This is our first year and our first go at making this happen so please help us to figure this all our and if you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in any way, Please feel free to contact me.